A View of Derry

A View of Derry


Hugh Gallagher

A View of Derry is one man’s visual take on his hometown over twenty years. Hugh Gallagher presents some 450 images which allow us to see Derry through his own individual eye and lens. Covering sport and festivals, marches and protests, buildings and landscapes, A View of Derry teems throughout with the lifeblood of any community – people. Its colourful pages portray people at work, at play, in remembrance, in protest and in conflict. Hugh’s love of photography and his native city shines through on every page.

As he neatly puts it: ‘Every year, around late spring and early summer, I head for a spot appropriately called Derry view in the Waterside. I never tire of the panorama I see from that vantage point. The landscape that is Derry lies before me and it seems to be endless in its changing shadows, vibrant colours and unique beauty. Why, then, wouldn’t you want to be a photographer?’

Hugh’s goal is to offer images that not only capture and reflect his view of Derry but also evoke fond memories, bring a smile to the face, or may even surprise.

A View of Derry will achieve all this and much more.

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Hugh Gallagher






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Date Published

Dec 2008




Full-colour photos throughout


Guildhall Press