Creggan 75 Anniversary playing cards




The numbers get fewer of those who remember the excitement of being allocated a modern new Creggan home in 1947 with indoor toilets, decent kitchens and bedrooms, and large gardens for the children to play (or grow your own in the post-WW2 rationing period). Creggan people are proud of their past and famous for preparing for the future.

The new schools, youth club and sporting facilities are evidence of that. Creggan continues to be a welcoming place in which young families want to get housed. Seventy-five years on, this community is ever-expanding with new housing at Magowan, Ballymagowan, Ráth Mór Road and now Seán Dolans GAC.

No matter what forces and factors, political and economic, conspired against the people, to this day they have maintained a proud community of self-help as witnessed at the Ráth Mór complex. Here’s to the next big birthday in peace and prosperity – Creggan 100!

Creggan 75 Anniversary playing cards features photographs from across the 75 year history of Creggan.

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Dimensions 8 × 1.5 × 12 cm



Guildhall Press