Magilligan – POW Memories from 1974 to 1980s

Magilligan – POW Memories from 1974 to 1980s


There have been several excellent publications about the struggles of Republicans in the many Prisoner of War (POW) camps and prisons in Ireland and beyond over the years. However, there has never been a detailed account of life and conditions in Magilligan POW Camp on the outskirts of Derrty. My main aim, therefore, for this book was to fill the gap in the compelling story of the prisons and POWs during the most recent phase of the conflict.

The stories, anecdotes and pictures in this publication bring to life the times we lived in back then in the 1970s/1980s. Incarceration by the opposing forces in a war is never easy,. But the POWs got through it with optimism, perserverance, tenacity, courage and some humour and all these ingredients are captured in these pages.

This book is dedicated to all the POWs who went through the gates of Magilligan. And also to their relatives, friends and symapthisers who gave them unwavering support.

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Date Published

Nov 2012

Book Author

Frankie McCarron