About Guildhall Press


Established in Derry in 1979, Guildhall Press operates as a social enterprise arts and cultural organisation within the social economy sector and is constituted as a company limited by guarantee.

As Ireland’s premier independent publishing house, we produce a diverse range of quality publications for distribution worldwide.

Our overall mission is to create a platform for writers and artists to showcase their talent and to present the story of Derry and the North West to curious locals and interested visitors alike so they can discover its fascinating place in time and history.

Our Work & Services

We specialise in unique photographic collections and informative local history publications that preserve and celebrate the rich cultural, historical, political and social heritage of the region.

We support and promote the best in literary and general fiction output from authors wishing to express their creativity and seeking recognition for their work on the global stage.

We also assist individuals, creative writers’ groups and non-profit organisations refine, design and produce publications or informational material to promote their specific aims or services on a partnership basis.

We seek to utilize the ever-expanding potential of digital technology to augment and hone our technical skills to enable us to develop new opportunities for our company and our customers.

Guildhall Press also offers the following services in partnership with our sister organisation The Hive Studio@Ráth Mór (www.hivestudio.org):

  • Contract publishing
  • Editorial, copy-writing and proofing services
  • Book sales, distribution and marketing
  • Research facility
  • Photographic services
  • Image sourcing and archiving agency
  • Graphic design
  • Internet/web development
  • Ebook/App development