Eve …a Celebration of Creative Women

Eve …a Celebration of Creative Women


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Compiled by Jenni Doherty
In the beginning, God created Adam. Adam stole a bite of the apple, as did Eve, but Eve went on to create, and we, as her dedicated followers in a fashion, have done so also.

Our creation is as diverse a collection of works as possible, representing everyday women from the North West of Ireland and beyond; a mixed bowl of stories, poetry, comedic works, photographs, illustrations, images and lyrics.

Its core – the heart and mind of a woman, regardless of age, religion, politics, identity or profession.

Its bite – a unique merging of all art forms deriving from the written word and image to further engage as a living, breathing art to a performance level.

Its fruition – an evolution of voices, opinions, ideas and craft. 
Ever since Eve fell into conversation with the serpent, women have been known as good talkers. Now they’re moving it up a gear and putting their words on paper. Let’s celebrate their wit and wisdom.
Martina Devlin, author and Irish Independent and Sunday World magazine columnist

Go on, Eve; take a bite. You won’t look back. These are your words, your paintings, your desires. This is you. No need to apologise and every need to be proud.
Suzanne Power, Irish author

It’s great to see a work that simply celebrates the cultural and artistic diversity of women.
Mary Hosty, Irish author

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Mar 2006




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