Yours Confidentially: Letters of a Would-be MP

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Garbhan Downey

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Garbhan Downey

Who’s got a problem with bugging MPs?

The dark and dirty world of parliamentary espionage is the subject of Garbhan Downey’s new book, Yours Confidentially: Letters of a Would-be MP.

The Derry author’s fourth novel is a comedy-thriller set against the current British and Irish political landscape. And it cements the former newspaper editor’s reputation as one of the sharpest political fiction writers on these islands.

The story centres on an independent North Derry assemblyman, out to win himself a seat in the House of Commons and some real, honest-to-God power. To do that, he’s going to have sign a Faustian pact with a murderous gangster. But in a country where everyone bugs everyone else, all the time, it can only be a matter of time before the dubious deal is exposed.

Cover design of Yours Confidentially: Letters of a Would-be MP is by award-winning animator John McCloskey, whose film The Crumblegiant was nominated for this year’s BAFTA.

ISBN 978-1-906271-09-1
Published March 2008, softback, ???pp, ???mm (tall) x ???

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Book Author

Garbhan Downey

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