Disciples of GOD – A Valberg Novel

Disciples of GOD – A Valberg Novel


Desmond J. Doherty

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Darker…

 Valberg Returns…With The Backing Of Lee Child

Disciples of GOD is the action-packed fourth book in the acclaimed Valberg series by Derry writer Desmond J. Doherty.

Former Police Service of Northern Ireland detective Jon Valberg has a confession to make. He decides to create a recording of his innermost private thoughts at a time when he is distressed and disturbed. He starts this process in his apartment in Spain. And confess he does; until he is interrupted by the arrival of Matida Jawara, the adopted Angolan daughter of the deceased spree murderer and convicted child killer, Gerard O’Driscoll. Valberg is still haunted by O’Driscoll.

Mati delivers her father’s last will and testament to Valberg. It includes a request that he return to Derry upon certain conditions. Valberg cannot resist the intrigue. As he watches in horror at Prehen House the frightening video left by O’Driscoll, the deranged acolytes of the feared assassin unleash a torrent of murder-suicides across the city. Disciples of GOD is a return to blood and bullets, murder and mayhem, secret investigations, revelations, and opportunity – with an ending to die for.

Lee Child – multi-million world-renowned best-selling author – is an avid fan of the cop from Derry. Child makes no bones about it – ‘Doherty is a great writer and Valberg is a great character,’ he enthused.

Child said of Disciples of GOD:- ‘Buy this today and read it tonight.’ And that’s exactly what he did. Almost…

‘Well, he didn’t have to buy a copy,’ said author Desmond Doherty. ‘We had met before so I sent him a review copy as a matter of professional courtesy. And he did read it in a night! He came back to me the next day with his glowing recommendation which was very considerate of him. I also sent him a copy of a short film I had developed with the backing of NI Screen and the Nerve Centre – ‘Don’t be Afraid’ featuring Sergeant Linda Wilson, a key protagonist from the novels. Lee came straight back to me as well and said it was fantastic.  What great support from a truly great writer who goes out of his way to encourage other authors whenever he can.’

Doherty continued: ‘Wilson is one of my favourite characters in the Valberg series and a central and crucial thread for the development of the story which takes even more twists and turns in the next book due out in 2021. I hope the readers enjoy Disciples of GOD as much as Lee Child!’



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Desmond J. Doherty

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Dec 2020








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